The Castlevania movie is falling apart; wait, let me go put on my surprise face

I don’t know what it is about video game movies and bad directors. They kind of go together like bad jokes and Full House – Season 3.

One of the biggest offenders of bad directing, Paul W.S. Anderson (not to be confused with actual good director Paul Thomas Anderson), has completely dropped off the Castlevania movie, according to Dread Central. Anderson was pegged to write and direct the film, which made a lot of Castlevania fans (myself included) cry like a little girl. And not the fun kind of “I just got a pony!” cry. More like the “my puppy just got run over!” kind of sob.

But don’t let the potentially good news about Paul W.S. Anderson leaving get you too excited. While bringing on a new director is great for some films in the end (*cough* Empire Strikes Back *cough*), one has to think how awful everything must have been to make even the infamous Anderson leave the project. Man, I bet things were just a mess on that set. Angry Medusas, disgruntled Fleamen. I would have loved to been there.

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In all seriousness, a Castlevania movie should have been nothing but awesome from the start. It has vampires, a whip-wielding hero, giant monsters, creepy locations, epic set pieces, over-the-top action sequences, a loyal fan base. The ingredients for a summer blockbuster couldn’t have been more perfect.

What is it with all these video game movies? Why do they all completely fall apart or make me throw up in my own mouth? Come on, Dtoid readers, we are intelligent, creative people – let’s just get together, whip up some awesome scripts, sell them to Hollywood, and start making some kick ass video game movies for a change! I am getting sick of all the drama. Who’s with me?!

(awkward silence)

Nobody? Dag.

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