The Capcom Bar in Shinjuku just added a bunch of Mega Man menu items

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I’ve walked right past the Capcom Bar in Shinjuku, but I never went in. I heard it wasn’t that great, but I’ll have to return to it someday, even if it’s just to briefly check it out on the interior — hopefully when that day comes, it’ll be Mega Man themed.

As of this week the Capcom Bar has added some new Mega Man food and drink items, including “Cut Man stew” and a “Blues Shield cocktail.” Although I missed this one I have been to many “themed” restaurants and know that a lot of this stuff is overpriced, but occasionally you can find something worthwhile (the presentation on the Cut Man stew is awesome), and the atmosphere is usually pretty inviting.

Capcom Bar [Rockman Unity via Rockman Corner]

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