The Call of Duty crates just housed another teaser

Give us the launch codes

I woke up this morning thinking “Add a Call of Duty reveal to the docket today,” just one more thing to cover among an already-busy schedule. Last week, Activision sent mystery crates to Call of Duty media, surely leading to a creative and synchronized worldwide reveal.

Not quite. Now that the crates are open, we know their contents: An old-ass projector and 10 slides.

Different Call of Duty creators got different models of projectors and unique slides. They’re all working together to try to crack this code. There are maps of Russia, maps of New York, cryptic cipher puzzles — everyone’s trying to get it all to add up.

Ultimately, we probably already know where this all ends. Black Ops: Cold War has leaked for months now, and that’s almost certainly 2020’s Call of Duty. The ’50s era projectors and maps of Russia help validate that. It obviously goes much deeper, but we won’t know the specifics until someone cracks the code.

My guess is that Cold War is its own game with campaign and multiplayer, just like Modern Warfare last year. However, I think that Cold War will get its own Warzone map as an update to the free battle royale mode. Getting a second major map will establish Warzone as a platform. Warzone will be a free ongoing product that spans multiple future Call of Duty titles, while Cold War ends up as the annual paid-for game with traditional campaign and multiplayer modes.

But what do I know. They haven’t even figured out what the slides mean yet.

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