The Call of Duty community finally solved Activision’s convoluted Black Ops: Cold War ARG

Reveal coming next week inside Warzone

It started with some locked crates. Inside those, projectors and cryptic slides. Those slides led to– actually, this goes on for quite a while. It’s complicated, there are a bunch of steps, and it took a lot of hard work from the Call of Duty community. Instead of my half-assed explanation, watch this summary from Zombies YouTuber NoahJ456:

The payoff comes next week, though. Black Ops: Cold War will officially be revealed inside Warzone on August 26. How do we know that? The end of this ARG is a two-minute teaser video that outwardly confirms Black Ops: Cold War is the next Call of Duty game.

We’ll see you again in exactly one week.

[Update: Activision posted artwork for Black Ops: Cold War ahead of the reveal event.]

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