The Bridge is free on Epic, and it’s gonna turn your world upside-down

An oldie but a goodie

Another week, another Epic freebie. This time, it’s a topsy-turvy puzzler, a science-themed game that evokes the name of M.C. Escher because of all its perspective shifting.

The Bridge is free on the Epic Games Store until January 30. Patrick reviewed it seven years ago when it first released. That might as well be three lifetimes ago as far as these things go. He gave it a 9, an impressive score for an impressive game. If words won’t help wrap your head around this concept, maybe motion picture will:

Anyway, go get The Bridge if you wanna give your brain a workout. Next week, it’s Farming Simulator 19 which reminds me of the time I wrote about murdering amber waves of grain.

The Bridge [Epic Games Store]

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