The Blurst Snack Pack is a necessary purchase

Off-Road Velociraptor Safari. Blush. Crane Wars. Time Donkey. You’ve played them (hopefully), you’ve enjoyed them (to some degree), and now you can buy enhanced (meaning: fullscreen, and including sandbox modes with no time restrictions), downloadable versions of them in a single, $20 bundle directly from Blurst

I’ll be completely honest — Blush and Off-Road Velociraptor Safari are the only games in this pack that I really enjoy, and even those greatly benefit from their originally imposed time limits. It’s not quite as fun to hit Velociraptors with a Jeep when you’re not fighting the clock to do it. Not to mention Minotaur China Shop, Flashbang’s greatest game and strong contender for Greatest Game Ever Made Ever In History, isn’t a part of the bundle.

But who cares? Getting fullscreen versions of a few Flashbang games isn’t as important as the fact that by buying the Snack Pack, you’re basically encouraging them to make more awesomely weird, 3D browser games in the time it takes Blizzard Entertainment to order an appetizer. I’ll probably never play Crane Wars again, but hell if the mere existence of Minotaur China Shop and Off-Road Velociraptor Safari doesn’t warrant a $20 vote of support.

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