The Blackout Club is a cooperative horror mystery that’s gonna rock the suburbs

I guess this is growing up

Question is the name of a new video game developer that has a lot of pedigree behind it. Made up of members including the creative director and lead writer on BioShock 2, the senior gameplay programmer of Dishonored, and the lead effects artist on BioShock Infinite, this team is striking out on its own for the first time. Its debut game seems as if it’s perfectly on-brand with the studio’s title.

Question’s first project is called The Blackout Club, a cooperative paranormal horror game  about a group of teens who have experienced strange blackouts (and not like the house party rager kind of blackouts). They take it upon themselves to figure out what’s happening, running surveillance missions at night to find and document the cause of this unusual phenomenon. They’re led to a subterranean underworld where adults are seemingly controlled by a supernatural force, acting in subservience to something more sinister.

(I would like to pause for a moment to point out that this seems like it shares some similarities with the Yeerk Pool in Animorphs. I guess I’m saying that I want to play an Animorphs game.)

As for how The Blackout Club plays, there seem to be enough systems that it’s tough to imagine the execution right now. The press release mentions: procedurally-generated elements like encounters and loot drops; diversion tactics for sneaking around; powers and loadouts for the playable characters; and devices such as drones and traps. Also, the trailer sort of evokes the spirit of Outlast with the way you sometimes look through a video recorder while playing.

The Blackout Club is expected to launch sometime early next year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

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