The bizarre What the Golf? tees off on Nintendo Switch May 21

Watch out for gophers

Triband’s great “Golf game for people who hate golf” – What the Golf? – is finally ready to tee off on Nintendo Switch. The loopy links will be available to download from the Nintendo eShop on May 21, priced at around $20.

Originally released on PC and Apple Arcade in September of 2019, What the Golf? is a silly and cartoonish take on the sport beloved by rich folk, ’90s business guys, and irresponsible world leaders. Completely absurdist by design, What the Golf? tasks players with completing a series of barely-golfing-related courses, such as throwing a carpet down a bowling alley, helping a strongman pick up his weights, or sniping people atop a skyscraper, all made possible by the game’s bizarre physics and (frightening) imagination. Wanna drive a car on the green? Go for it! Maybe take a horse diving instead? Sure!

An all-new Party Mode will feature all your favourite characters, like “Burger Bird” and “Toaster,” and will allow two players to tackle courses simultaneously, which sounds like a recipe for disaster. The Nintendo Switch port has been optimised for the hybrid console, integrating its touch-screen and gyro controls. If you’re dying to play a golf game that has as little do with golf as is humanly possible, then be sure to give this ridiculous title a look when it arrives late next week.

What the Golf? launches on Nintendo Switch May 21. It is available now on PC and Apple Arcade.

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