The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is coming ‘very soon’ to iOS

And other updates about Afterbirth+

I have an utter infatuation with The Binding of Isaac. While I typically don’t enjoy procedural-generation games, the core mechanics in Isaac lend itself to an infinite amount of playthroughs by employing luck and pure skill on the part of the player. It really is one of the best games ever made, whether you enjoy it or not.

Now, mobile gamers will have the chance to get in on the masochism. Announced through the official Tumblr account, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will be heading to iOS as a universal app. What that means is buying it for iPhone grants you access to the iPad version (and, eventually, Apple TV).

The iOS port will also feature cloud saves along with Bluetooth controller support. That should definitely be a relief for people assuming touch controls would be the only option. I can’t imagine dying and having no answer for my failure except for the device.

As for information about Afterbirth+, it looks like the PC version will be launching before any other port. While the delay for the console release won’t be as long as the first DLC, PC will still take point at tormenting players. Vita players are kind of out of luck, as the blog claims the machine isn’t powerful enough.

There are also a few screen grabs of new items and one of the new bosses in Afterbirth+. I honestly don’t know how Edmund McMillen keeps coming up with ideas for this game, but I love them all. The joy and dread I felt upon beating Isaac in the Chest only to find out that ??? was after him drove me insane.

Binding of Isaac [Tumblr]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.