The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ just got a huge content update on PC

The final booster pack is ready to torment us

I may have lost the will to play, but The Binding of Isaac is still going strong and that’s genuinely impressive. Today on Steam, owners of the Afterbirth+ expansion got the fifth and final “booster pack.”

This video sets the mood. Here’s Edmund McMillen’s breakdown of the new content:

8 new mod items: (fixed up and retuned by @AdriangGray)

5 new enemies! 

1 new boss!

64 new achievements (28 new, the rest from the Switch version)

817 new rooms (made by Nik @LethalLeather)

Literally 100s of fixes and improvements meticulously implemented by (Vinh @FixItVinh)

There’s a full list of fixes right here and it is extensive.

The designer also noted this booster and the one before it are coming to the console versions of Isaac: Afterbirth+. “I’m not sure when they will release,” he said, “but they will! Stay tuned.”

The Forgotten Booster! [The Binding of Isaac]

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