The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth is bringing giant death lasers

Oh god, so many lasers

[Editor’s Note: This week I’ve had a teenager named Sam Burdis with me on work experience, learning about the wonderful world of games writing. Today I’ve given him a shot at doing a news post for the Destructoid front page. Enjoy, and be gentle in the comments].

Edmund McMillen, creator of The Binding of Isaac, revealed on his latest dev blog a whole basement full of information about what new content we should expect to see in Isaac‘s upcoming expansion, Afterbirth.

There are some crazy combinations possible with the new items in the DLC, ranging from filling the room full of giant blood lasers to shooting toxic goo balls from your eye sockets. It seems Edmund is still sticking to his guns and keeping The Binding of Isaac‘s attack selection over-the-top and bizarre.

He also revealed some new information about the new boss Little Horn. This cute little four armed demon is going to be a pain in everyone’s backside, creating fast-moving bottomless pits and throwing mysterious balls of goodness-knows-what at you. Dark matter maybe? Who knows?

Finally McMillen concluded the post by telling us that the release date for Afterbirth is going to be revealed next week in a trailer. An announcement of a reveal window for an announcement, don’t you just love the games industry?

I just can’t wait to jump into the basement again and get murdered by a whole new host of deadly surprises. Hooray for death.

Laura Dale