The Bigs defines baseball for the Ritalin generation

The above is a trailer for 2K Sports’ upcoming baseball-meets-wacky-hijinks title The Bigs. It goes without saying that gamers, in general, are as adverse to athletics as the undead corpse of Jerry Falwell is to banging the corpse of Bela Lugosi, so to lessen the sting of manipulating characters based on people who make more money than you will ever see merely for forgoing proper neck ratios, 2K opted to go the NBA Jam route and toss in fiery homeruns, superhuman feats of athleticism and a set of minigames in which you climb to the top of Barry Bonds’ virtual planetoid of a head.

The only issue I really have with this trailer is its portrayal of “attitude”. Where I grew up (Compton), attitude meant cappin’ n*ggas for sportin’ Blood colors or beating down a pig because he asked you the time. Apparently all of that was wrong, however, as The Bigs posits that attitude is essentially derived from sunglasses and a blonde beard, proving, yet again, that Billy Gibbons could destroy the entire universe on a whim.   

Earnest Cavalli
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