The biggest secret hidden across the three Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games

A precursor to something huge?

The Assassin’s Creed Chronicles titles have been criticized (and rightfully so) for their lack of emphasis on narrative. Even though these are games where the narrative stakes are just as high as the mainline Assassin’s Creed titles, developer Climax Studios has done little to make them seem like noteworthy tales. Simply put, these are good games that don’t always feel as if they fit into the Assassin’s Creed lineage.

They do, however, have one overarching secret that very much belongs, and it might hint at the immediate future of the franchise. While discovering this requires diligently playing all three games and taking note of what may seem nonsensical, it’s anything but nonsensical, and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia is where it finally pays off.

In each Chronicles title, there are three Assassin logos hidden amidst the game’s scenery. Looking at the logo in eagle vision will reveal four-digit numbers, numbers that have had no immediate use because there hasn’t been anywhere to do something with them — until now, that is.

Russia has a section in the “Help and Options” menu for codes, which is precisely where all nine of these mysterious passwords go. Once those are locked in, a hidden video is revealed.

Here it is; make sure to watch closely:

It’s unclear exactly when this sequence takes place, but it’s sometime after Master Templar Berg recovered Assassin’s Creed Rogue protagonist Shay Cormac’s precursor box. These boxes are a source of great interest to Abstergo because they might hold the key to what Abstero is ultimately chasing after. More on that in a minute.

Berg has been assigned to take Cormac’s precursor box to Álvaro Gramática, one of Abstergo’s highest-ranking scientists. Gramática’s ecstatic with the find because he plans to use it in order to analyze another artifact, possibly another precursor box. In closing, Gramática exclaims that this is all to support the Phoenix Project.

The Phoenix Project might be a means to the Templars’ end-goal. The idea is to get close to the First Civilization by decoding their DNA. However, the Phoenix Project is centered around the notion that it might be possible to create a living First Civilization member from scratch with precursor DNA, rather than trying to clone an existing person.

Even though it’s basically just a teaser, it seems as Cormac’s box may have Gramática and Abstergo one step closer to creating someone from the First Civilization, which would allow them to understand Pieces of Eden and other precursor technology. Maybe that’s why Gramática sounds so stoked. If that’s the case, it very well might mean the next Assassin’s Creed puts a heavy emphasis on the present day. That fits right in line with the clues we found late last year.

Abstergo’s up to something and it might be huge. Who would’ve thought the Chronicles series would bring us three new protagonists with three separate stories, yet the biggest development would be on the Templars’ side? At least it looks to have set the table for more Assassin’s Creed to come.

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