The big bads of Silent Hill: Homecoming

This afternoon, I braved the foggy streets of New York City today, making my way down to the W Hotel on the 39th Street to attend Konami’s holiday media event. One of the games on hand was the final build of the Xbox 360 version of Silent Hill: Homecoming, set to ship later this month.

I spent about forty minutes with the game’s opening area, what essentially played out like a tutorial level in a worn down hospital. I’ll be posting some hands-on information and impressions tomorrow, but in the meantime, I wanted to pass along these screens Konami gave us of Homecoming‘s big baddies.

News to me: outside of Pyramid Head (the obvious one) these bosses actually have names. Spoiler alert? Maybe — half of the surprise and fright will probably come from encountering these monsters for the first time. Or you’re just scared seeing them will give you nightmares. 

Names to go with the faces after the jump.

Pyramid Head





Nick Chester