The best wedding gift ever

Some people get clothes. Some get antiques. Some get furniture … some get jewelry. David and Elly got an extremely funny and unique Xbox game created by their friends, just for them. David & Elly vs Donkey Kong.

As much as I’d love to rattle off the entire history of the game on this page, due to space constraints, I’m forced to present you, instead, with this link. It links back to GMAN-GAMES, and provides a detailed and entertaining story about how this game came to be.

Chock full of minigames like Squash the Roach, Pick the Straight Guy and Distract Elly (which involved David trying to distract Elly onscreen in a Hard Gay suit), this is a most applaudable achievement.

Hats off to all those involved in designing this ingenius title!

Distract Elly

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