The best part of this Street Fighter V Christmas costume trailer is the music

Give me more jazz/funk Capcom

I’d say I think about Marvel vs. Capcom 2‘s soundtrack at least once a week. Maybe it’s the hundreds of hours of training that let it really sink in, but either way, it’s a keeper (along with Capcom vs. SNK 2).

It’s not quite Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tier but this Street Fighter V costume trailer reminded me that Capcom still has the touch. The 2018 holiday costume set involves Blanka, Cody, Falke and Sakura, all of whom will get new oufits on November 27. You can watch the fairly lengthy video below that showcases their digs with various abilities. The actual outfits aren’t all that impressive though so I don’t blame you for skipping it and just taking a peek at the gallery.

As a reminder Falke and G closed out season three of Street Fighter V‘s DLC reign, following the launch of the Arcade Edition revamp. Season four is not announced at this time.

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