The best memes from the Genshin Impact Kaveh hack of 2023

We can live in fear, or we can meme about it.

Over the weekend, news of a malicious Genshin Impact hack began circulating around social media. Through use of third-party plugins, bad actors could abuse a Kaveh ability in Genshin Impact to explode Dendro Cores and delete any interactable entity in the overworld. The situation is now resolved, with the developer HoYoverse making a statement that the issues have been fixed and perpetrators have been banned.

Before the official statement though, there was a period of confusion and uncertainty among players. Some panicked. Others responded with memes. Here’s some of the best creative content that was produced during the ordeal.


Created by @oreosu_ featuring art by @NawlienSuzu, this image is a reference to the film Oppenheimer. It seems Kaven has also earned the title “destroyer of worlds.” 

Careful what you wish for

Created by @neddyoo, this TikTok features Lyney gesturing to things he wants deleted, only to find himself in an unexpected situation. It should be noted that this clip is not an example of the hack in action, just a recreation for entertainment purposes.


careful what you wish for [ib: @jess] #genshinimpact #hoyocreators #kaveh #alhaitham #kavehbug #lyney

♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

Deleting Paimon

Joking about using Kaveh to delete Genshin Impact mascot character Paimon was a recurring theme in the community. Paimon is somewhat of a polarizing character due to her high-pitched voice and tendency to speak for the Traveler. Although she is beloved by many, there are some (like @zajef77) who would rather see her gone.


Artist @nya_Deko created fancomics interpreting the Kaveh hack as canon to the world of Genshin Impact. Their adorable art style lends itself well to chaos as Kaveh deletes Childe from existence and meets Alhaitham with glitched hair.

@tinartss had a more somber interpretation with an 11-page comic where Kaveh is jailed for his actions. I wasn’t expecting to take an emotional hit from a comic referencing a video game hack.

Thankfully, the hack is now fixed and it’s safe to play with Kaveh in co-op. It’s good to see the creative, humorous side of the community during times like these.

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