The best Legend of Zelda game is getting recreated in the Ocarina of Time engine

I mean Link’s Awakening, of course.

A modder by the name of Ty Anderson is recreating the Game Boy classic and arguably best Legend of Zelda game Link’s Awakening in the Ocarina of Time engine, and I, for one, am excited. While the above trailer leaves much to be desired (so much) it at least gives us a glimpse at Link’s new look and the lovable Bow-Wow buddy (better known as Chain Chomps from the Mario series). 

Anderson plans to release the mod as a patch to be applied to a ROM of Ocarina of Time instead of as a standalone game, which should make it a lot harder for Nintendo to meddle with. Can’t wait to give it a play whenever it is released.

Come See A Remaking Of Link’s Awakening Within Ocarina Of Time [Zelda Informer]

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