The Beatles: Rock Band gets a new holiday commercial

Every time that launch commercial for The Beatles: Rock Band makes an appearance, I’m always blown away by how fantastic it really is. I’m still not certain how the advertisement was crafted, although that’s a good thing. It adds to the mystery.

As we inch closer to the holiday season, we’ll be seeing less and less of that TV spot, and more of a new one devised to target, well, everyone. I was going to say “Christmas shoppers,” but this is The Beatles we’re talking about here.

Yes, this commercial is decidedly less rad. Even so, I think it will get the job done. Probably more relevant to your interests is the announcement of a new show centered around the game’s development. “The Making of The Beatles: Rock Band” debuts Friday, November 27 on VH1 Classic at 7:30 EST.

I think I somehow have that channel. Sweet!

Jordan Devore
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