The Bard’s Tale IV makes good use of Unreal Engine 4

First-person exploration!

Oh, good. When inXile launched its Kickstarter for The Bard’s Tale IV earlier this week, there wasn’t much to go on in terms of actual game footage or assets. Here’s an in-engine look at the hopeful dungeon crawler which, at the time of writing, is closing in on $988,000 of its $1.25 million goal. If and when that target is met, inXile will pump an extra $1.25 million into the project’s budget.

“The biggest question we get is how we plan to bring the genre forward, and this video should answer the question,” said CEO Brian Fargo. “Exploring in the world is a major part of the experience and we wanted to make use of the full screen and all that Unreal has to offer to make it as compelling as possible. Once combat starts, the combat shifts out of the first-person mode.”

It’s undecided precisely how The Bard’s Tale IV will present combat given the variable nature of the budget, but Fargo notes with certainty that “it will be party and turn/phase based.”

The Bard’s Tale IV In-Engine Video [Kickstarter]

Jordan Devore
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