The Bad Dudes take on OC ReMix in epic musical clash

“Heroes vs. Villains,” the 22nd album from OverClocked ReMix dropped this past week and is an epic clash between OC ReMixers and The Bad Dudes. The album is made up of 20 songs where the OC ReMixers took on the “Hero” themes such as Zelda, Ryu and Samus while The Bad Dudes did the cover jams for the Villain themes such as Ganon, Sagat and Mother Brain. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • Samus vs. Mother Brain
  • Mega Man vs. Dr. Wily
  • Link vs. Ganon
  • Ryu vs. Sagat
  • Axel vs. Mr. X
  • Kirby vs. King Dedede
  • Simon Belmont vs. Dracula
  • Kratos vs. Zeus
  • Guybrush Threepwood vs. LeChuck
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Shredder

The album is free to download and comes in both MP3 and delicious FLAC versions. There’s something for everyone here and you seriously won’t be disappointed. Check out the official page for more details on the project plus to see who all worked on this awesome project.

Hamza Aziz