The Baby Yoda Xbox controller looks cool but probably costs more than you want to pay

A lot of green for the little green guy

I suppose, if we’re being pedantic and letting semantics get in the way, this isn’t explicitly a Baby Yoda controller. It’s a Mandalorian controller. But, something tells me people will just call it “The Baby Yoda controller” so let’s get formalities out of the way.

Controller Gear, who makes officially licensed accessories, has a new Xbox controller for The Mandalorian. It’s a gunmetal gray with the Mandalorian clan insignia on it. Most importantly, Baby Yoda is etched across the back.

This controller comes with a charging stand, which features Mando’s helmet across the front. Here’s what the whole package looks like:

Now for the detail that’ll probably leave you more speechless than a Vader Force Choke: This thing costs $170. That’s just… that’s a lot of money. It’s not a placeholder price either, as Controller Gear’s other gamepad/stand combos go for the same amount. It looks great, but it’s also a lot of money for a controller. (Which isn’t even an Xbox Series S/X controller, by the way; it’s an Xbox One model.)

Anyway, this is limited to 5,000 units and the Microsoft Store has already sold through its stock. If you need to spend a mint on the Baby Yoda controller, you can still secure a pre-order through Controller Gear directly.

Brett Makedonski
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