The AVGN found the holy grail of NES collecting

I’ve posted videos from James Rolfe’s site Cinemassacre previously, but I don’t think anyone on Destructoid has ever posted an Angry Video Game Nerd episode. This latest installment, however, deserves a post because of the legendary status of its subject matter.

Any hardcore game collector or NES child most likely has heard of the Nintendo World Championships, a videogame competition, not unlike what was seen in the climax of The Wizard, that was held in 1990. Ninety special gray cartridges were developed for use in the competition, and each of the city finalists received a copy once the competition ended. Another 26 cartridges were gold-plated and given away through a Nintendo Power contest. These 116 carts are the most elusive (not to mention most expensive) games in the entire NES library.

James Rolfe and Pat the NES Punk managed to get their hands on both a gray and gold cartridge, one of the single greatest feats in all of gaming fandom. The above video, originally shown during his PAX panel, commemorates this glorious event.

Angry Video Game Nerd: Nintendo World Championships [GameTrailers]

Tony Ponce