The Assassin’s Creed movie may be launching some sort of ARG

Give Abstergo a nice phone call

December 21 2016, just a week after the release of Star Wars spinoff Rogue One, we’re going to be watching Michael Fassbender play some hind of historical murder in the Assassin’s Creed live action movie.

With the movie’s release almost exactly a year away, the movie’s official Twitter account has started teasing some real world clues to more information on the movie.

The pictured business card, belonging to fictional Abstergo Industries CEO Alan Rikkin, features both an email address and North American phone number. Calling the phone number will get you an answerphone message, and emailing the address will get you an out of office reply.

Separately from this tweet, Assassin’s Creed content director Azaïzia Aymar implied that there were secrets to be discovered from the tweeted image. It’s currently unclear if the email and phone call are the beginning of an ARG, or as far as the discoverable content goes.

So, have you given Abstergo a call yet? If so, spot anything interesting in the call we should know about?

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