The Art of Super Mario Odyssey would make a great gift

Remember when the internet lost its mind over Bowsette?

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Has there been enough of a gap that you could head back into Super Mario Odyssey and experience it with mostly fresh eyes? I think I’m about at that point. Some key moments in the game a certain musical number, a world fueled by pure nostalgia, and a painful gauntlet will have lost their original impact, but otherwise? The rest feels like a blur. I’m ready to play this precious adventure again.

If and when that time comes for you, it might be worth picking up The Art of Super Mario Odyssey to supplement your playthrough. Following its release in Japan last year, the English-language version of the book is finally out this week in North America courtesy of Dark Horse. I didn’t end up importing it.

The 368-page art book goes on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble starting November 5. It’ll normally cost $49.99, but right now, retailers have it for $34.99. An early Christmas present, perhaps. (Just in case Santa’s helpers are reading, I have an extra-wide stocking to accommodate cool gifts like this.)

Along with concept art, sketches, and notes, The Art of Super Mario Odyssey offers “insight into some early ideas that didn’t make it into the game itself.” One high-profile example: Bowsette.

I sincerely hope Nintendo explores some of its unused concepts in a Super Mario Odyssey sequel.

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey hardcover [Dark Horse]

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