The Art of Sierra to collect… the art of Sierra

If you grew up when I did then there’s a part of your brain that is simply full of images from Sierra adventure games. It just sits there and every once in a while something reminds you of one of their amazing games and like magic you’re taken back into that world. One of the biggest reasons for the odd longevity of their game worlds is that Sierra’s adventure games had some of the greatest artwork to ever grace a computer screen.

Now that work is being collected for the first time in The Art of Sierra: Defining the Graphic Adventure Game, and I’m not ashamed to tell you it has aroused me in ways I didn’t think possible. The book, which will be a hardback, coffee table-style book, collects artwork from former Sierra artists and private collectors and presents it as a history not only of Sierra, but of adventure gaming in general.

There is an immensely interesting interview with the two creators of the book over at The Artful Gamer, which fills in a bunch of the details on why and how they went about making the book, but sadly no release date is scheduled yet. Don’t worry, I will make sure we stay up to date on this because I’ll be following non-stop.

Fanfare: The Art of Sierra Official Launch [The Artful Gamer]

Matthew Razak