‘The Art of Dead Space’ pre-order book comes with 3D glasses, causes nightmares

The UPS fairy dropped off a present at my door this morning: The Art of Dead Space, a 97 page art book written and illustrated by the game’s development team.

It’s a fairly solid and hot looking book, with early concept art, weapon and equipment schematics from the game’s universe, and some art from the Dead Space comic book. Also included is a set of 3D glasses to be used with the 10 pages of 3D art; I don’t know what the hell a Necromorph is, but it scared the crap out of me in 3D. 

Electronic Arts say that the book is a $10 value, but you can pick it up with any Dead Space pre-order at GameStop, Best Buy, GameCrazy, or the online EA Store.

Nick Chester