The amazing SixthSense is really NVGR… yet

You’re going to watch all 15 minutes of this video — trust me. Above is Pranav Mistry demonstrating his SixthSense technology, which has to be one of the greatest inventions ever. Basically, SixthSense brings all of the information stuck on your computer and the internet into the real world using very inexpensive and already available technologies. I don’t want to ruin the video by listing all the cool things it can do, but as an example you can look at a boarding pass for your flight and instantly know whether it is on time or delayed.

How is this even remotely videogame related? Well, check out 9:37. See, videogames. However, playing a racing game on a sheet of paper isn’t really the best of gaming SixthSense could deliver. Videogames and reality could seriously collide on some amazingly epic levels thanks to this thing. The possibilities for ARGs are endless. You could instantly see a person’s WoW character and their stats or simply play a game of NSMB Wii on a wall with some friends. Yes, this technology is probably going to be used for so much more than just videogames, but I really just needed an excuse to share it.

Matthew Razak