The allure of free gaming melts the Playstation network

Nothing says “Holiday Joy” like sitting alone on a windy precipice drinking scotch until the idea of throwing yourself off and ending your miserable, lonely existence is palatable … with the possible exception of Sony shovelling barrels of free Gran Turismo into your stocking!

We reported earlier on Sony’s sudden turn for the generous, and everyone was giddy and happy with visions of sugar plums and Audis dancing in their heads. That lasted up until the moment Sony started allowing people to download. Kotaku has news that the Gran Turismo demo came available earlier than previously planned and word spread so quickly in the town of Whoville that the servers hosting the files utterly crashed and burned like so many dead reindeer.

Between Sony’s misstep and the constant patch-day apocalypse surrounding Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, can’t these companies just, for once, properly estimate how much desire their own products will generate? When you go to the store to buy condoms before a date, you don’t just buy one, you buy the whole damn twelve pack in the hopes that you might need them (though, you rarely do). You’d think these companies, with their MBAs and PhDs and OPPs would heed my penis-based analogy.

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