The aliens in Dead Space will rip your body in half! AWESOME!!!

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GameTrailers finally brings us our first look at Dead Space’s storyline. We see that the monsters that you’ll be fighting in the game were once people, and that this game continues to look better with every new detail released.  The trailer above doesn’t reveal a whole lot; but lucky for us, GameTrailers has more to share.  On the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, Geoff Keighley interviewed key members of the Dead Space development team, and they revealed lots of new information on the game.

One of the more interesting facts taken from the interview is that the monsters won’t simply be taken out with just a couple of shots. All of the monsters can have their individual limbs shot off, adding an extra challenge to the combat– and it looks like losing a few limbs won’t stop these bad boys. Even shooting their heads off won’t be enough in most cases. We also get to see some of the new gameplay elements such as the ability to slow down monsters in a small time warp, and the gravity puzzle elements. 

Be sure to watch the very end of the interview as we get to see one of the aliens called a Brute bite the main character’s head off and then rip his body in half! Groovy.  

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