The Agency concept art and screens are hot

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Today when Sony Online Entertainment officially announced The Agency, an espionage themed MMO for the PC and PlayStation 3, I was stunned.

Not by the concept — it’s about time more MMOs start shedding the wizard and troll formula of old. I was also not stunned by the game’s visuals — it looks polished and competent enough alongside other next-gen offerings, so there’s no surprise there. In fact, I wasn’t even surprised about the announcement of the game itself, as it’s been mentioned more than a few times in multiple print videogame magazines prior to today.

Here’s what stunned me: the lack of clothing these chicks are wearing. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to females in videogames, it’s “clothing optional” for me, baby. But how is one supposed to perform covert spy activies with their mid-riff showing like that? Who’s not looking?

Check the gallery for a handful of a screens (three!) and even more concept art from The Agency

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