The African savanna never looked so good: Latest Far Cry 2 trailer

Tall grass gently swaying in the wind, tranquil watering holes, groves of short trees: no, this isn’t the opening to some sort of tourism commercial, it’s a video showing various areas of the African wilderness that the Jackal might be hiding in. The Jackal is the mysterious BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) that you’re trying to hunt down throughout the storyline in Far Cry 2 — lest he continue his arms peddling ways.

I’ve gotta say, Far Cry 2 is looking better every time I see it. The large, realistic environments really give the game a one man stranded in an unknown and hostile wilderness sort of feel. Plus, you can set almost everything on fire, and who doesn’t enjoy setting large swaths of vegetation ablaze? I know I’ll definetely be picking up a copy when Far Cry 2 releases this fall on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

To get a better idea of all the features Far Cry 2 will contain, check out Hamza’s hands-on from back in May.

Justin Villasenor