‘The’ added to Pandemic’s The Saboteur, site launched

While approving and proofreading last month’s exclusive interview with Pandemic’s Tom French about their upcoming The Saboteur, I ran into a problem. Wasn’t the game just called Saboteur? Where did this “the” come from? And why does the official Web site still call it simply Saboteur?

Pandemic assured us they had added “The” to the title, and we didn’t argue. Now it’s confirmed with the relaunch of the game’s official Web site, complete with a fancy Flash-based menu and thunder sounds. The site allows you to sign up for “The Resistance,” an online community for the title, which will likely be the first source for all things The Saboteur as the game nears its launch this year. 

Want to know more about the game? Check out that aforementioned interview; it’s all education and stuff.

Nick Chester