The 4.0 firmware update on Switch secretly unlocked GameCube controller support

I’m glad I bought two of these adapters

Oh hey, as it turns out the Switch’s 4.0 update didn’t just add a few extra enhancements and 30-second video capture – there’s also hidden support for the Wii U GameCube adapter.

Yeah, that thing, remember when Nintendo dropped a GameCube accessory for the latest Smash because people wanted to use their WaveBirds instead of Pro Controllers? It’s still alive and kicking, and not just at Smash 4 Wii U tournaments. Now as of 4.0 you can plug it into the Switch, head to the controller screen, and you’re ready to go — the OS will recognize the GameCube remotes as Joy-Con.

Given that this wasn’t in the official patchnotes, I’m not sure if Nintendo is going to put the kibosh on this as fast as they can. At the moment though I appreciate the sheer number of options, including the rad 8Bitdo controllers that emulate the NES and SNES era. Like the Wii U, the Switch’s controller game is on point.

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