The 2019 BlizzCon Virtual ticket includes some wild Overwatch skins

It’s $50 again this year

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BlizzCon 2019 is scheduled for November 1-3 this year, and we can expect a whole host of announcements from Blizzard’s standard stable of games, which now includes Overwatch.

While all eyes are on a potential Overwatch sequel, we’ll probably get info on the next WoW expansion, possibly a release date for Warcraft III remastered, another token Hearthstone expansion, the next Overwatch hero confirmation, and nominal announcements for games like Heroes of the Storm, Diablo III, and Starcraft II. Oh, and you better believe Blizzard has a lot riding on whether or not they announce Diablo IV. Before that all happens, you can shell out $50 to watch BlizzCon at home (which will provide various channels for on-location livestreams and an archive of videos afterward) and net a ton of digital goodies in the process.

The Warcraft extras include pets and a transmog outfit, Overwatch nets you Tyrande Symmetra and Illidan Genji skins, Hearthstone will gift a “mysterious golden legendary card,” Starcraft II doles out three unit skins and three portraits, Heroes of the Storm is hosting a celestial crab mount and BlizzCon 2019 spray/portraits, and more will be announced at a later date (Diablo III wings are teased, and I imagine that Warcraft III Reforged will have something for it.

Having bought the Virtual Ticket in the past I feel like it’s mostly worth it if you’re a fan of multiple games, especially if you’re planning on catching the esports festivities. If you aren’t shelling out for it, we’ll be covering the event anyway!

BlizzCon [Blizzard]

World of Warcraft: Ride the tides of war with a pair of murloc-ified faction leaders: Finduin (for Alliance heroes) and Gillvanas (for the Horde). Plus, bundle up for your next trip to the icy mountains with the whimsical Wendigo Woolies transmog outfit. Available in-game starting today!

          Overwatch: Commemorate 25 years of Azeroth as you fight for future Earth with a pair of Warcraft-themed legendary Overwatch skins. Prepare to seek vengeance as Illidan Genji, and call upon the (hard-)light of Elune as Tyrande Symmetra. In-game before BlizzCon!

          Hearthstone: Celebrate the excitement of BlizzCon the next time you sit down for a duel with the BlizzCon 2019 Card Back. Then prepare to claim a mysterious Golden Legendary card, to be revealed at BlizzCon. In-game after BlizzCon!*

          Heroes of the Storm: Make your mark in the Nexus with a commemorative BlizzCon spray and portrait, and ride into battle on the Celestial Deepcrawler mount. It may not look dangerous, but those claws can give you a nasty pinch . . . or wipe out all life on your planet. Available in-game starting today!

          StarCraft II: Equip a trio of Brood War®–era unit skins and portraits the next time you go into battle. Scout for a zerg ambush aboard the Classic Battlecruiser, hunt your prey with the sinewy Classic Ultralisk, and honor Tassadar’s sacrifice with the Classic Carrier. Available in-game starting today!

          …And more to come: More BlizzCon bonuses are in the works, including a pair of commemorative wings for Diablo III players (PC/Mac version only)*—stay tuned for more details on this year’s legendary haul.

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