That’s a wrap: Super Meat Boy is now content complete

[Update– Header image changed to this pic found on Super Meat Boy’s Twitter. What could it mean?]

Well, it’s not really a wrap. The hard working men of Team Meat still have to plenty of testing to do, then there are the PC and WiiWare versions of Super Meat Boy to worry about. Still, it’s exciting to know that there is a fully playable version of Super Meat Boy out there in the world. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

To go along with the announcement, Team Meat has posted a few Super Meat Boy super screenshots. I stuck them in the gallery because I love them. Looks like there is yet another awesome boss, and a new character too. Don’t dare gaze upon them if value you your life, and/or if you’re spoiler avoidant.

Team Meat is also teasing the release date for the XBLA build of the game. Oh, and PAX is coming up next week.

Content Complete!!– []

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