That thing about The Witcher 2 on consoles

CD Projekt RED’s Tomasz Gop elaborated on a couple of The Witcher 2 details in an interview with Eurogamer, who snatched him up during the CD Projekt conference. A console version looks like a safe bet, as Gop says “I want to tell you we’re doing everything we can to make sure one day The Witcher 2 will be released on the current generation of consoles.”

That means the Xbox 360 and PS3 of course. Gop: “We already have performed a lot of tests. We’re doing a reality check every half a year or so. We take a level from the game and we try to put it inside our engine, because it’s console-capable on Xbox 360 and PS3. Occasionally, from time to time, we do reality checks, and it’s doable.”

The reasons he gives for for not doing a console version alongside the PC version are time, people and money. Plus the little fact that CD Projekt RED has never released a console game before, which is not something you just do overnight. By Christmas 2011 we should know more about the console version. Better start saving up for that PC upgrade if you have to.

Pushing the game from Q1 2011 to May was mainly due to adding more polish to the game. Releasing it after Dragon Age II comes out in Q1 was “a side effect” and not something they are afraid of. Gop does think that RPG fans will buy all the Triple-A RPGs that come out, because there are only a couple every year, but elaborates: “It wasn’t the main factor of this decision. But it’s not bad that we’re not at the same time as Dragon Age II.” He also talks a bit about Dragon Age II‘s — and other RPGs — move towards more action-oriented gameplay and how that’s just what the RPG genre is like nowadays.

Read the whole interview at Eurogamer.

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