That Sons of Anarchy game finally has a name and a platform

The Prospect

Sons of Anarchy is coming to a close this week, and it’s been a wild seven seasons. While I could have done without the entire Belfast saga in Season 3, series creator Kurt Sutter has consistently kept me entertained for over half a decade with the antics of Jax Teller and crew.

We’ve been hearing a lot about a potential game after the series wraps up, and now we know that it will be called Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect, and will debut in early 2015 on mobile devices. No screenshots or gameplay details have been given other than the fact that it’s an episodic experience developed by Orpheus Interactive and Silverback Games. 

A “Prospect” is what a potential club member is called, and you will likely take control of that character as you explore a new chapter of SOA. I would also venture to guess that it will be an adventure game of some sort.

Chris Carter
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