That Skylanders Netflix show with Norm is out on October 28

It’s a kid’s show if you haven’t guessed

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Spyro is dead. Long live Spyro.

I was just re-watching a great “Did You Know” episode on the series, and how the team at Insomniac was able to work some technical wizardry to actually get the thing to run, and found myself wanting to replay them all again. The first three are all gold at the very least, and if Crash can get PS4 remasters, maybe Spyro can too.

But for now, you’ll have to deal with Skylanders: Academy, which hits Netflix on October 28.

While many shows aimed at kids can transcended the potty humor plane and actually offer up some smart commentary and writing, Academy doesn’t seem to do any of that. Still, it’s probably a cute enough show for the Skylanders generation.

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