That nuclear winter Fallout: New Vegas mod looks like it’s coming along great

We are not your kind of people

It has been several months since we last checked in on Fallout: The Frontier, the community-developed New Vegas mod that takes place in a nuclear winter-shrouded Portland. There has been good reason for that: The team hasn’t had much new to show off, but it has been steadily making progress.

That progress looks as if it’s paying off handsomely, judging by this newly-released trailer. Sporting Garbage’s “Not Your Kind of People” as the soundtrack (an homage to an early Metal Gear Solid V trailer), Fallout: The Frontier reveals that it has drivable tanks, mannable turrets, big set pieces, and a space station setting with low gravity.

It’s certainly ambitious. This mod is being developed by 50-or-so people who are passionate about Fallout, and it kind of looks like their project could be the same depth as an Obsidian or Bethesda Fallout title. That’d sure be something, huh? They’re gonna win the space race, at least.

We’ll see how it all turns out soon. Well, maybe. The development team is aiming for a summer release, but that’s not always how this kind of thing goes. It’ll be ready when it’s ready and that’s when we get to see Portland at its most dire.

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