That Nintendo and Universal Studios partnership is actually happening

It’s past the planning stages

Back in May, it was announced that Nintendo and Universal were teaming up to bring us Nintendo-based experiences. It was all a bit tentative, since we didn’t have anything tangible to go on, but this new video from Nintendo kind of seals the deal.

According to the publisher, Nintendo-themed areas are coming to Universal Japan, Orlando, and Hollywood, which will be “expansive, immersive, and interactive,” with “multiple attractions, shops, and restaurants.” It’s an experience for all ages, and although no timeline was given, they will open “separately” over the next several years. More info is “coming soon” on the first park, but given California’s proximity to Japan, my guess is that Hollywood will be getting it before Orlando.

Universal still can’t stand up to the monolith that is Disney, but they’ve been making a lot of strides to compete, buffing up their CityWalk to tango with the Disney Springs shopping area, putting money back into their hotels, and developing new themes like Harry Potter (which, in my opinion, houses a few of the best theme park rides in existence right now). With Nintendo under their belt (especially if they can incorporate Pokemon), they stand to make a lot of headway.

That is, if these sections are actually full areas with rides, and not glorified gift shop stops with giant block and coin decorations.

Chris Carter
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