That new Mega Man cartoon has been renamed to Mega Man: Fully Charged

Will possibly air this fall

Super fighting robot….Mega Man! Or something. I don’t think his new cartoon is going to be that campy (or will it?).

According to the Licensing Source Book Europe, a trade show publication for vendors, the upcoming and fully confirmed Mega Man cartoon is still on the way, and there’s a few new developments in tow. Apparently the show has been re-titled as Mega Man: Fully Charged, and will air on Cartoon Network during the fall (conflicting with previous news of Disney XD). It’ll also possibly sport its own set of toys from Jakks Pacific.

As a recap of sorts Dr. Wily seemingly isn’t the villain this time around (though he could be at some point, or could be the main antagonist in the shadows, Trigun Knives style), it’s Sgt. Night, who commands an “evil team of Robot Masters.”

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