That girl that smells cats’ butts just got a Cloud Black PS3

Keeping up with our long list of shining examples of journalism today, we bring you news that Japanese idol, singer, television celebrity, super blogger, voice actress, and illustrator Shoko Nakagawa, the gal famous for smelling her cats’ asses, has taken ownership of a PlayStation 3. But it’s not just any PS3: She got the Cloud Black Final Fantasy VII PS3, a gift from friends, says Kotaku. Big news, folks.

Her friends surprised her with the new game system, further increasing Shokotan’s otaku cred and killing the system specific fanboy claim to her. Shokotan is a huge Final Fantasy fan, so this makes perfect sense as a gift for her.

Here’s Nakagawa’s reaction to the gift:

“Those two surprised me!! …They secretly got me a present… Waaaaaaaahaaahaaaaa It’s so expensive, I shrieked!! …Those two are really busy, but they were able to find time to decide to get me… a surprise present!!”

Why should you care? I don’t know. We didn’t think you would care last time, when she got an Xbox 360, but you did. Or at least you seemed to. Maybe it had something to do with our gallery of hot pictures of the Japanese star. Just in case, we did our best to create an even better gallery of the lovely Shokotan, as seen below. Enjoy.


Dale North