That girl that likes putting cats in her mouth has an Xbox 360

Shoko Nakagawa recently got herself a Xbox 360 and a few games for the system. Shoko Nakagawa, for those of you who don’t know, is that really famous Japanese lady that likes stuffing cats down her mouth. She also ends up looking like a goldfish every time she does it.

Shoko picked up Resident Evil 5, which is a giant coincidence as I just picked up the game myself! I’d like to play with her, but as Topher found out for us last night, her friends list is already full. I was sad to hear that I wouldn’t be able to add her, but I quickly figured out a better way to befriend her.

When I finally go to visit Japan, I’m going to shave my pubes into the shape of a cat. See, I’m a pretty hairy guy. Cats are also very hairy. Shoko likes putting cats in her mouth. I like sticking my thing in people’s mouths. See where I’m going with this? It’s simple f*cking science, people.

Thanks goes out to Brian Ashcraft from Kotaku, who like me, will use any excuse to get away with posting pictures of really hot women on a videogame blog.

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