That Final Fantasy XV pinball game now has an expiration date

March 27, 2017

Justice Monsters Five, the pinball game created to promote Final Fantasy XV, kind of came and went. I mean, I played it inside of XV proper at random cafes and had a great time (I love the art), but I never really gave the spinoff mobile pinball game the time of day.

A lot of people seemingly felt the same, as Square Enix has just announced that the spinoff will end service on March 27, 2017. It’s kaput, finito, done. If you still have microtransaction items (gross) unused they’ll refund them, and they’ll shut off the ability to buy them on February 27, 2017.

This thing came out in August and was initially slated to get a Windows 10 release as well, but there’s a fat chance of that happening. Ah well, my guess is the development costs were really low, as the minigame was basically ported over to XV proper.

Justice Monsters Five [Square Enix via Siliconera]

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