That extra Steam cash you just got? Don’t worry, it’s not a scam

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Hey, remember when Valve’s systems were compromised last Christmas, then didn’t tell anyone about it for days, then finally half-admitted that anything happened and confused everyone? People have a right to be cautious now about every suspicious action that happens on your Steam account, and this week, something popped up.

Users were reporting that a $5 credit was appearing in their accounts, sparking quite the alarm that maybe people’s digital wallets were being shifted around. But come to find out, it was for buyers of the Dark Souls III Steam Controller bundle — they were owed an extra discount that never posted to their account.

Simple, right? Well not really, as Valve never told these people ahead of time, and didn’t publicly acknowledge the issue — instead, it left it to reddit sleuths to figure out on their own. Communication was never its strong suit, and after the Christmas hack, it’s more evident than ever that they need to work on that in the future.

Money put into accounts from “Valve’s Mastercard” is safe and not related to scams [Reddit]

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