That dockless Nintendo Switch bundle isn’t going to be released outside of Japan

At the moment at least, for this particular bundle

Just a few days ago we learned that Nintendo of Japan would be peddling a new Switch bundle: one that would entice more households to pick up multiple units in a dockless format for roughly $50 less. It’s a genius idea, one that could put the 3DS out of business entirely, but it’s not coming west for the foreseeable future.

Speaking to USgamer, Nintendo explains that they have “no plans” to extend the bundle to other regions. Welp, case closed! At least for now. Nintendo is clearly testing the market out to see if their “multiple per household” concept is going to work right now; likely because the Switch is selling like hotcakes and timelines have been pushed up. Momentum is important after all, and it’s one of the major concepts they screwed up with the Wii U.

After all, basically anything corporate Nintendo says can’t be taken at face value, as they constantly shift goal posts or open up/close vaults when they feel like it. We could very well see a dockless version of the Switch one day (note that the statement just pertains to that particular bundle, not a special completely portable-only Switch that could launch with the new Pokemon).

Nintendo’s Plan for Getting Multiple Switch in Every Household Starts With a New Bundle [USgamer]

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