Thanks, Twitter: More Punch-Out!! art revealed

I hate to admit it, but the marketing gurus behind the Punch-Out!! Twitter account have bested me. My last few tweets were about ripping a muscle in my butt while jogging. Theirs, however, have had quite a bit of substance. Take tonight for example: WVBA Boxing dropped “exclusive” shots of King Hippo, Disco Kid, and Don Flamenco.

So, yeah, that’s a lot better than a butt muscle story.

As you can plainly see in the gallery — and it really shouldn’t be a surprise — not much has changed with Hippo or Flamenco since their NES days. Disco Kid is looking delightfully retro as well, but I’m not digging his thighs. Settle down on the muscle cleavage, Nintendo. It’s plain nasty.

Brad BradNicholson