Thanks to this one ingenious person, I immediately want to turn my Animal Crossing island into a Zelda map

A Link to the Nook

Animal Crossing requires a lot of dedication to unlock its many mechanics: sometimes forcing players to wait multiple days before major features are available. But if you keep pushing (and use time travel) they will come, as Reddit user VaynMaanen has found out.

After having a revelation, VaynMaanen decided to turn their island into the map from Zelda: A Link to the Past. Pretty much every major aspect is there, including Kakariko Village on the left, the Desert of Mystery in the south and the Eastern Palace in the…east. As a reminder, you can’t move the resident services building, so while they considered restarting to make it the main center feature (Hyrule Castle), they settled on the museum instead (which, really, is the highlight of the island anyway).

As VaynMaanen points out, now that all the work is done, “[they] can actually play the game!” If only they could sell this layout.

After 4 grueling days of terraforming I’ve modeled my island after Hyrule from Link to the Past! [Reddit]

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