Thank f*ck: Space Giraffe heading to PC

Jeff Minter’s Space Giraffe is not a very successful Xbox Live Arcade game. That is mainly because it’s not a very good Xbox Live Arcade game. After the title was outsold by, of all things, Frogger, the game’s creator famously threw a tantrum and said he’d not make anymore games.

Of course, that was bollocks.

The Llamasoft game is heading to PC, where developer Ivan Zorzin promises that the game might be a bit more “vanilla” this time, toning down the psychedelic and trippy nonsense. There are to be 100 more levels, which perhaps shan’t be quite as eyeball-melting as the original.

“Some of them could be a bit more “vanilla” for those that found the SG original graphics maybe a bit ‘too blasting for their own taste’,” explains Zorzin, aka Giles. “We wish this time to really manage to pleasure more and less psychedelic users.”

I’m not sure exactly what that last sentence means, but this is Llamasoft, so it’s safe to assume Giles was on Crystal Meth when he wrote it.

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